Armored hoses with PTFE tube

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High pressure hoses

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The DAV Tech armored hoses could be tailor made supplied, choosing the lenght, the size, the hidraulic fittings and its shape.

The armored textile increase the resistence and the inner tube, made in PFTE allow the greatest glide of the flow, and prevent any contact with moisture, very important for fluids such as silicones.

The DAV Tech hoses can be produced with diameters and especially with fully configurable lengths. Under the rubber, steel braid protects and strengthens the inner tube, making it ideal for feeding of products such as greases and lubricants. The fittings of various sizes and shapes, are crimped and allow it to with stand pressures above 300 bar.

Heated hoses

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PTFE pipes

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The DAV Tech heated hoses contain a PTFE tube which is covered by a series of resistors, that can heat it between 20 and 200 ° C. an integrated PT100 probe signals the need to turn off or turn on the power electricity to keep the temperature constant. The heated hoses are available in various lengths in multiples of 600 mm and are supplied complete with connectors, power cords and CE marked.

To feed aggressive and reactive products such as anaerobic glues or instant glues, the PTFE pipes are the best solution. The pipes are available with various size and length, if request also with PTFE fittings.

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