Dispensing valves

The dispensing valve, in a dosing system is usually the closest component to the application area.

Key points are its speed and reliability, with attention for a compact size, for an easy and fast integration on the assembly systems. Any fluid is different, any process have some critical points; choosing the right valve is important to have a dispensing process reliable and constant.

Needle valves are perfect for their fast opening and closing time, and can dispense low, medium and high viscosity fluids. The micrometric regulation allow an easy setting of the dispensed flow.

The diaphragm valves are designed to dispense anaerobic glue ( tread lockers dispensing and coaxial blocking glue) or to dispense cyanoacrilate. The valves can be mounted on an handle for ergonomic manual application.

The spray valves use the atomizing air for micro-spray of fluids such as oils, grease, primers etc.

Special extensions allow to have 360°, conical, round and various patterns.

The volumetric valves are designed to dispense greases and oils with the highest accuracy, without being affected from viscosity changes due to working temperature change . The metering valve allow to check the dispensing process trough sensors.

The manual volumetric metering valves has the same features of the automatic ones but integrate also very ergonomic handgrip with pneumatic or electric switches.

The spray volumetric metering valves are able to spray a constant amount of fluid, with the effect of covering the surface with a thin film instead to dispense drops. Special extensions allow to have various application results.

The metering pumps bring in your hand the maximum control of the dispensing process, trough the controller is possible to change in any moment the fluid flow and other process parameters.

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The metering pumps for 2k fluid manage with the highest precision the proportioning and the mixing between resin and hardner, and with the controller allow to monitor in real time all the process parameters.

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The volumetric gear metering pump, drived by DAV Tech Smart controller, allow the perfect dispensing of medium to high viscosity fluids, with the result of an accurate and reliable dispensing process.

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Electromagnetic dispensing valves are designed for contact-less dispensing of very low viscosity fluids. The result is the jetting of micro-drops on the part, without contact with the nozzle.

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