Robotic dispensing stations

DAV Tech, components, systems and automations for fluids micro-dispensing.

Not simply products, but fully integrated solutions for your dispensing problems.


Internal available technologies:

Dedicated area

for preliminary tests

2 Designing engineers

Electric panels designing and wiring

Tool area

with CNC vertical milling machine, milling machine, lathes, sawing machine, chamfering machine, sandblasting machine

Internal software designer for PLC, HMI and Panel PC programming

Manuals and certification providing

Esternal: a first quality suppliers network

Mechanical workshop with CNC machine

(also 5 axis)

Mechanical workshop with water-jet, laser-jet, bending machine

Surface treatments as anodization, teflon coating, hardening etc.

Supply Pipe Line

Lean Manufacturing, Poka Yoke, Process Control, World Class Manufacturing, Process traceability, Industry 4.0

are terms according to which we design and create our systems.

Our solutions are ideal for the end user, that found a partner that deeply know the dispensing process, but also for the system integrators that can integrate in their solutions some subparts with guaranteed performances.

Customer visiting and definition of the primary needs

Dispensing trials (if needed)

Quotation with technical description

Order and milestones definition

Station / tool designing

Design review with the customer

Integrate design of:


Electric part

Pneumatic part

Internal integrate

production of:


Construction and assembly

Cable harness on the system

PLC and HMI programmation

Manuals creation

Final acceptation with the customer

Shipping and handling

Start up on the customer plant with the needed interfacing

Operators training


Simple and compact, but able to offer precise and accurate dispensing.

Rheolube grease volumetric dispensing system.

Desktop volumetric grease dispensing with integrated process controls.

System for simultaneous volumetric dispensing on 18 points.

Manual greasing system for lip-seal.

Manual volumetric greasing system on gearbox.

Manual volumetric greasing dispensing system.

Multi dots grease volumetric dispensing with a simple single movement.

Volumetric greasing system with mini-PLC on seals.

Check of the dispensing result and fast setup without tools.

Volumetric greasing system for electric contacts.

Dispensing system for Loctite fluid on screw.

Small dispensing stations, available with wheels, that integrate on it the fluid feeding (with pump or tanks), the dispensing with valve or metering pumps, and the control of the process with a PLC and if requested an HMI panel.


Volumetric grease and anaerobic glue simultaneous automatic dispensing system.

Bench for volumetric greasing on cng-lpg manifold with presence check and metered grease check.

Bench for anaerobic glue volumetric dispensing.

Turn key robotic dispensing stations, tailor made on the customer specific needs, which can be integrated with vision systems, data storage, weighing systems etc.


Controlled sealing and mounting of automotive transmission parts, with laser sensor and marking for operations compliance highlighting.

Dispensing line formed by a CNC robotic cell for 2k meter-mix dispensing, double station for high temperature curing and station for rest and extraction.

Robotic system for coating protective paint on component.

Robotic system for 2K bonding of automotive seat components.

DowSil 7091 Volumetric sealing dispensing.

Robotic system for damping grease volumetric dispensing on mechanical parts.

Gluing and mounting system for magnets with stripping system and laser check.

Robotic cell for primer dispensing, sealing and touch screen display mounting on frame.

Semi-automatic cell for glue dispensing, vision inspection with LumiTrax technology and unload of coils.

3 axes robotic volumetric dispensing cell for 2K PU resin potting on electronic boards.

Automatic managing of the position and the dispensed quantity.

Volumetric system with 3 axis robot for automotive parts sealing. Complete with roll-on system for easy load/unload and scrap box management.

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