Fluid feeding system

To move any kind of fluid towards the dispensing valves, is important to be equipped with systems able to feed the fluid, with a constant pressure.

Depending on the viscosity and of the size of the fluid drum, is possible to choose pressurized tanks or various size pumps, to allow a complete emptying of the drum, without unnecessary and expensive transfers.


Pressurized tanks PT

The PT pressurized tanks are designedo to feed with a constant, reliable and adjustable pressure low and medium viscosity fluids such as: oils, anaerobic and cyanoacrylic glues, 000-00-0 NLGI greases, self leveling resins etc.

The tanks are available in 3 sizes: 2 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters and 16 liters could be equipped with low level sensor.


Follower plate pump PP1-5

The follower plate pump PP1-5 is a simple and economic system to feed with pressure grease and lubricats to DAV Tech metering valves.

The telescopic structure can be equipped with stops for an easy tin change, while the follower plate is customized on the size of the tin.

Follower plate pump PP-25

The follower plate pump PP25 is used to feeding under pressure, adhesives, sealants or lubricants contained in barrels of 5 to 25 kg. The cutter plate is dimensioned on the size of the die to be processed and guarantees a full consumption of the same, avoiding pump cavitation phenomena.

Follower plate pump PP-50

The follower plate pump PP50 is used to feeding under pressure, adhesives, sealants or lubricants contained in barrels of 18 to 50 kg.

The sturdy double-lifted structure makes it versatile and adapts to the most demanding applications.

Follower plate pump PP-200

The follower plate pump PP-200 is made from a base on which is fitted a double pneumatic lift unit that raises and lowers the pump and the pressure plate. All the movements is controlled by a manual pneumatic valve on top of the pump. The pneumatic pump is available. High pressure feeding of grease, silicones and other high viscosity fluids from 200 Kg drums.

Electric follower plate pump  PPE

A completely new concept, where instead of the classic pneumatic pump, an electric controlled motor drive a PCP cavity pump. The result is a fluid feeding without any pressure peak, with the fluid which is not stressed with the higher pressures, preventing separation between the components etc. The pump is designed for 25 to 50 kgs drums.


Hydraulic pressure reducer DAT

When a pneumatic pump is used to feed a product is necessary to stabilize all the variations of pressure that the pump goes to create during its operation.

The pressure regulator has a dual role in a dispensing system: on the one hand allows to reduce the pressure to a set value, on the other  eliminates the pulse and pressure fluctuations.


Pressurized cartridge holder

To use sealants or other products contained in cartridges of 310 or 330 cc you can insert the

cartridge in the special cartridge holder made in aluminum and pressurize it.

In many application, the entrapment of air bubbles in the fluid can cause a dangerous non accuracy of the dispensing system.

The DAV Tech degassing system solve this problem, with a pre-processing of the grease, before its use on the assembly line, eliminating the air bubbles in the lubricant.

The system is supplied with a PLC that allow to adjust the mixing speed and the process time, checking the depression and all the other parameters.

The system is available in 2 sizes, for 1 to 5 kg tins and 25 to 50 kg drums.

Grease degassing system

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