Fluid dispenser

DA 1000T

Desktop system for anaerobic

sealants dispensing

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The dispenser DA 1000 T is created to perform manual dispensing with precision and repeatability.

These units allow, with a minimal investment, a rapid transition from the grease application with brushes or jars to a precise micro dosing.

The control units are versatile and can work with various types of product both in pasta that fluid, with a setup of a few seconds can pass from oil or grease dose to dose instant glues.

The vacuum function also prevents dripping of the syringe at rest, while the actuation of the control unit can be done either with the pedal supplied or with the finger switch on the handle of the syringe. The control DA 1000 T can also be modified as necessary and used for timing the metering valves DAV Tech when is not possible use a PLC.

The system is developed to have a compact, reliable and high performance solution for the application of anaerobic sealants on screws, pins, fittings etc.


The system is made by a stainless steel tank, designed to host, without pour off, the 250 ml bottles from Loctite or Loxeal, by an high precision diaphragm dispensing valve, and by an electro-pneumatic unit to control the system and to receive the presence signal from a sensor.

In this way is possible to have a reliable dispensing, a clean working area, without fluid waste and contamination, and a big time saving.

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