Volumetric greasing

The development of increasingly high-performance (and clearly more expensive) greases has made it necessary to correctly dose lubricants, to be carried out in a repeatable, adjustable and objectable manner.


Our grease volumetric dispensing systems allow, for example, the:

• dispensing of greases with NLGI consistencies from 000 to 4.

• dispensing of greases for electrical contacts

• dispensing of silicon greases

• dispensing of thermo-conductive greases

• dispensing of damping greases

• dispensing of greases with Ptfe

• Pao grease dispensing

• Pfpe grease dispensing

• dispensing of anti-seizing pastes, copper pastes, graphite and molybdenum disulfide

• dispensing of NSF approved greases


















The grease supply can be made from 400 cc cartridges, 1-2 kg cans, 5,10,20,50 or 200 kg drums. No format is a problem to be processed and the correct pressing plate is designed based on the size of the chosen container.

If required, air bubble detection and bleeding systems in the grease can also be implemented.


The dispensing of grease is mainly managed by volumetric valves, which guarantee a stable and objectable process, without which external parameters such as viscosity of the fluid, its pressure or temperature, affect performance.


Volumetric valves can integrate:

• nozzles and design positions for multipoint dispensing

• spray terminals to create a veil of product in various conditions (eg radial dispensing, with conical, cylindrical pattern etc)

• sensors for object filling / emptying of the chamber volumetric

• special versions for contactless jet dispensing

• special versions for dispensing / spraying radially in grease

• handles with electric or pneumatic switches for easy process management manual


The grease dispensing system is therefore very efficient and suitable for integration both on manual stations and on high productivity automatic machines.

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