Impregnation on electric motors

The impregnation of the windings in the electric motors allows to obtain a better mechanical resistance, a better heat exchange and electrical insulation.


Long gone are the times when the impregnation was reduced to a simple dripping of resin on the winding put in rotation; The resins used have ever-increasing performance and costs and require increasingly efficient and precise application methods. The need to minimize resin waste to avoid costly disposal is not to be underestimated.


The PCP and GP volumetric pumps instead allow to manage the impregnation / trickling process in a simple, precise and easily adjustable way.


The main advantages are:

• Resin dispensing insensitive to changes in viscosity

• Resin dispensing not conditioned by the ambient temperature

• Possibility to change the flow rate and the quantity dosed remotely, via software

• Possibility of management through dedicated drive or controller with display

• Accuracy of the quantity dispensed in the order of +/- 1%

• Dispensing of loaded resins, without mechanical damage

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